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Offer social reforms

Ing. Ivo Patta, 101 00 Prague 10, Na Šafránce 11, Czech Republic


     In Prague, on February 7, 2015

Subject: Offer of reforms dealing with the hidden debt of the pension system

Dear Madam,


I come to you with an offer at a moment when you are deciding how to proceed further. You are fully aware of the fact that if the reform will not be performed properly, meaning that if the reform will not be pro-natality, you can forget about the future. There will be continuous growth of the hidden (hereinafter “implicit”) debt of a continuously financed pension system, expressed by a multiple of the annual gross domestic product and a lack of young and qualified members of the workforce. The national economy will enter a downward path, which can generally be defined as a permanent decrease of GDP by 1% annually. Immigration policy will not prevent these consequences. 

That is why I am turning to you with an offer of the performance of pension reform and supplementary social reform. The heart of the “First pro-growth and pro-population pension reform” is the transition of childless persons from a continuously financed into a savings pension system. The transition will not be sudden, but it will be gradual. The core of the transition period is calculated to be 25 years. It is a measure that will make it possible for citizens to decide sufficiently far enough in advance, and therefore democratically, whether they will make a deposit into the continuously financed pension system via the upbringing of children, or whether, instead of upbringing children, they will gradually deposit the money for their pension into a savings pension system. 

The pension reform has four main tasks:

-     in a socially sensitive manner, create a savings pension system,

-        permanently increase the birth rate above the level of an even population balance, 

-        bring the implicit debt of a continuously financed pension system to stagnation and gradual decreasing,

-        transition the failing continuously financed pension system to one that is permanently sustainable.


The social reform is supplementary; its task is not the general increasing of the birth rate. The priority of the social reform is the economic stabilization of the family. It will achieve this with a modification of the tax system and the introduction of the self-financing of economically active families with the removal of the birth allowance and subsequent social benefits. Therefore only those who are not able to secure the life minimum on their own will remain in the social benefits network.


The supplementary social reform has two main tasks:

-        rehabilitation of families with children,

-        make it possible for families to raise their children so that they become free and proud citizens.


During the course of the implementation of the reforms, I guarantee:

-        zero reform costs thanks to the use of a sufficiently long enough transformation period,

-        the performance of the pension reform in a socially sensitive manner, without societal shocks and negative consequences for some population groups,

-        consensus of all political sides, and therefore no risks for the government.


After the implementation of the reforms, I personally guarantee:

-        the opening of new perspectives for the young generation,

-        a fast increase in the number of newly born children above the level of an even population balance,

-        decreasing of the implicit debt of the pension system,

-        the solution of a sufficient number of children in the desirable segment of economically active families,  

-        a radical decrease in the number of children living on social benefits,

-        the evening of the balance of the number of financially bankrupting families with children and without children,

-        the decreasing of child criminality thanks to the direct responsibility of parents for the proper upbringing of children in the family,

-        the decreasing of the age of women in their first pregnancy and thereby of complications during birth and the occurrence of defects in children.


I permanently guarantee (in the event of non-interference with the new reform legislation):

-        the number of newly born children above the level of an even population balance,

-        preservation of the original population (people),

-        sustainable economic development,

-        sustainable social state.


My offer comes at the moment of the highest need for a sophisticated solution. The offered know – how is a solution of the real problems of a social state. The reform measures are strictly logical and their implementation is socially sensitive. They do not only deal with pension reform or with social reform; they are comprehensive and therefore with a guarantee of the result. The effect will become apparent in a highly positive way in all time horizons, and moreover the government will receive high political credit for the socially sensitive implementation of important reforms.


It is only up to you whether you will be content with a creeping decline of the state, or whether you will accept my offer and secure the best outlook into the future for the Norwegian  nation. Do you believe, like I do, that the citizens deserve only the best? 



Yours faithfully,


                                                                                                                          Ing. Ivo Patta



Erna  S o l b e r g

prime minister



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